Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Peak Oil

Today in Theory Hour we watched a film on Peak Oil. Peak Oil is the idea that oil will reach its peak by year 1970 and that 50% of all oil will already be used by year 2000. The film was mostly about Cuba and how their way of life changed when their oil supply was taken away. They went for years on nothing, oil was used in their factories to make food and power their buildings and was also used to fuel thier cars. When the oil was taken away they began to ride bikes to work and everyone lost at least twenty pounds in a year. They began to grow organic foods and used oxen to plow their fields. They also began using compost to renew the soil when it becomes unable to use anymore. Farmers were the wealthiest group of people in the entire country and owned land and animals. They also began land contracting, where farmers would be given a piece of land without having to pay taxes as long as they grew organic foods.

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