Thursday, September 18, 2008

Critique Issues

The issues that we talked about in critique were: scale, focus, visualization, craft, and joinery. The projects that we observed and were able to talk about showed many different forms of these issues. There were some that used great focus on the twigs, craft of their project, and many different ways of joinery. My project allows you to focus on the twigs by using the brighter yellow paper to outline the twigs, scale by using a smaller cylinder that does not take away from the roundness of the twigs, and joinery by using the twigs to hold the cylinder together and holes to keep the twigs in place. I used a different form of craft, though. From the outside of the cylinder, the twigs look sporattic, but on the inside there is pattern that the twigs make up. The sporattic twigs on the outside make you want to know more about what the twigs are doing and it draws you to the inside where the twigs make-up a certain form.

AIA 2030

When I listened to the Lecture about sustainability, I realized that are so many more things that killing our planet than just cars and factories. There is carbon everywhere, which I never thought about before. There is carbon in our buildings, which we go into to get away from the harmful carbon that is coming from our cars, when actually we can not really escape it. I thought that the building of carbon free buildings was amazing, I did not know that it could even be done. The whole project opened my eyes to how we can change the negative effects in every way. AIA 2030 is a nation wide project to eliminate the use of carbon by the year 2030. Which is only 20 years away. This project can really change how this planet is functioning by using the earths resources, such as: water, the sun, and wind. They will be able to run elevators without carbon, run cars without carbon, and power buildings without carbon. We all need to get involved in this project so that we can live on this planet many years past 2030.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Precedent- Ker Plunk

My twig project resembles the game Ker Plunk. The twigs are stuck through the sides of the cylinder in the same way that the sticks in the game are stuck through the sides. Also, I strategically placed my twigs to resemble some sort of pattern, much like the sticks are strategically placed in the game.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mess #2

This is a clipboard in my studio that I keep all my scraps of paper from various projects on. I tried to use a lot of detail while drawing this to show the outlines of each piece of paper.

Mess #1

For my first mess drawing, I used an organizer at my studio that really is not very organized. I liked how the papers were overlapping eachother and sticking out, so I tried to draw them the way they are using alot of shadows and proportions.


We had to write in lettering six quotes on one sheet of graph paper. I am still getting the hang of lettering and feel that I am beginning a pattern in my writing of keeping them consistent.

Leaf Project Drawing

This is a sketch of my final leaf project. I tried to use more detail by showing the shadows and the small details of the leaf, such as the veins and prongs.

Directional Drawing

We had to listen to directions from another student and draw what they told us. The directions were a little confusing and I wasn't sure what it was supposed to be, but when I looked at it after I could kind of tell that it was a cell phone, but really it looks more like a tube of lip gloss.

Negative Space Drawing

We had to look at a chair and draw everything around it to eventually make-up the chair. I drew in the chair and drew in everything around it.

Feeling Drawing

This was much like one of those games where you have to feel something and try to figure out what it is, only we had to feel an object without looking at it and draw what we felt. The one that I felt was almost there, but pretty far off. I knew that it was a cell phone just by feeling it and I was pretty sure what kind of cell phone, which helped me in my drawing although I still did not get all of the details.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The letter project was supposed to get us out of our hand-writing and teach us to write as if we were drawing the letters. We had to think as if we never knew the alphabet. I think that I did a good job, but I feel like the letters are too boxy. I am still getting into my groove with this lettering.


5 Things

Up-Side-Down Drawing