Thursday, September 18, 2008

Critique Issues

The issues that we talked about in critique were: scale, focus, visualization, craft, and joinery. The projects that we observed and were able to talk about showed many different forms of these issues. There were some that used great focus on the twigs, craft of their project, and many different ways of joinery. My project allows you to focus on the twigs by using the brighter yellow paper to outline the twigs, scale by using a smaller cylinder that does not take away from the roundness of the twigs, and joinery by using the twigs to hold the cylinder together and holes to keep the twigs in place. I used a different form of craft, though. From the outside of the cylinder, the twigs look sporattic, but on the inside there is pattern that the twigs make up. The sporattic twigs on the outside make you want to know more about what the twigs are doing and it draws you to the inside where the twigs make-up a certain form.

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