Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Throw-Up Sheet

For my throw-up sheet, I included pictures of the median itself, the group's plan for the median, and also my own ideas for what the model should look like. Much of the ideas changed during the process of the project while others were accepted and were not effected by the changes.

Pathways and Edges Process

For the Desert group, we decided to make platforms with waves along the top and sides, to resemble the wave texture in the sand of the desert. Our group used blue foam with wave-like cutouts. The first model was just practice. We realized that the foam makes the texture rough and that hollowing out the inside did not make it sturdy enough to withstand time and weather. We also did not link the foam pieces together, so the edges stuck out and made distinct walls along the corners. We learned a lot from this practice model and now know what to fix for the final platform.


For the display in the lobby, my group included our model alongside each other group's models, a throw-up sheet, plan-view drawing of the desert, and a plan-view on the university plan. We also placed one of our model in the desert to be seen by other students and visitors.