Monday, October 6, 2008

Compare and Contrast

My project uses three different rectangular models that are connected at the corners to make-up one unified model. I used skewers on the outside of each corner with alternating paper to really allow the skewers to be seen. I also used alternating levels of the rectangular models and connected them to the base by using the pointed ends to puncture the cardboard. Greg's model is very similar to mine in many ways, such as: having the skewers on the outside, using different levels, and by using a cardboard base. Although, his is more round and like a spiral, while mine is using more of a rectangular shape. He did use different levels so that his model looks like a spiral stair case and it is unified in the middle where the spiral is leading to. Mine is more unified in the way that the skewers meet each other on the corners and how the paper meets the skewers.

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