Friday, October 10, 2008

Twig Project Progress

For my twig project I began with the idea of a sort of Charlie Brown tree, which looked more like a monora. I really wanted to show the twigs better and I was not sure that the tree was place for twelve twigs. So I cam up the idea to make a cylinder and have the twigs inside and outside in a sort of pattern. I used a bright yellow to really accentuate the twigs and the bonding agent was tension with the holes that look like the hole on a plastic lid that a straw sticks through. I really liked that idea, but I wanted to take it further and really make a place for the twigs. My final project is in the shape of a rectangular cube with a window in the side to really make it clear where to look to see the twigs. I closed in the top and bottom so that they would not take away from the window. I also cut and sanded the twigs on the outside to show what the twigs look like on the inside and to make them more symmetrical with the joints in the rectangle, but I kept the twigs the natural way on the inside and used the same pattern in previous iterations.

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