Friday, March 20, 2009

Prededent Analysis 2

I. Plan View (1/4”:1’)- ink on Vellum
II. Elevation (1/4”:1’)- ink on Vellum
III. North Section (1/4”:1’)- ink on Vellum
IV. South Section (1/4”:1’)- ink on Vellum
V. West Section (1/4”:1’)- ink on Vellum
VI. East Section (1/4”:1’)- ink on Vellum
VII. Orthographic- ink on Vellum
VIII. Isometric- ink on Vellum
IX. Line Drawing- ink on Vellum
X. Perspective Interior- ink on Vellum
XI. Floor Plan- ink on Vellum
I. Introduction
a. The Proximity hotel was designed on the basis of sustainability, visual interest, and
impact on surroundings.
b. Location
c. Purpose
II. Background
a. History and details of planning process
b. Inspiration drawn from surroundings
III. Design
a. Sustainability
b. Visual interest aspects including decorations, outward appearance, and other various
IV. Impact
a. How did this hotel and green building affect the area?
b. How will this effect future construction and design?
V. Conclusion
a. Thesis repeated
b. Wrap up of ideas and paragraphs

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