Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Timeline for 675 BC and 675 AD

675 BC

- Cities developing in the Near East build aqueducts to keep their residents supplied with water.

- China's minister of agriculture teaches the peasants crop rotation. The minister also teaches
them to dig drainage ditches, rents them farm equipment, and stores grain surpluses to
provide free food in time of famine.
- Assyria's Sennacherib is assassinated after a 23-year reign in which he has diverted the waters
of a river into a huge aqueduct to supply Nineveh with irrigation.

- Phoenician colonists plant olive trees on the Iberian Peninsula.

- Assyrians conquer Egypt.
- Legendary date for foundation of Japan by Emperor Jimmu.
- Greek colonization of the Mediterranean in the next 2 centuries will be motivated primarily
by a need to find new food sources as Greece's population expands. The barren and rocky soil
of the Greek peninsula is inadequate to meet the people's alimentary needs, but the Greeks
prefer to colonize than make efforts to conquer neighboring territories.

675 AD

- In Italy, The popes are great patrons of art and architecture and build or rebuild many
churches, particularly in Rome.
- Yakushi Temple is completed at Nara.
- Shinto Shrine of Ise first built in its current form in Japan.
- Dome of the Rock is completed by Caliph Abdel-Malik.

- First Islamic coins minted in Damascus.

- Expansion came in the form of colonization by the Greeks, mostly for agricultural purposes.
- In Italy, papacy gains increasing independence from Byzantium, acquiring sovereignty over
territories in much of central Italy, including Ravenna.
- Dodgeships in Venice.
- Umayyad forces forced to lift siege of Constantinople after decesive naval defeat at the battle
of Syllaeum.

- Taxing of certain goods, such as harvest, with an eye to allocating these taxes to expenditures
that are also explicitly defined, such as aid to the needy.


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